If you have 9 days in France: a few places to go to

France is a country full of beauty and wonder. Read the following article to find out a little bit more about this wonderful place.

The south of France is something that you should contemplate going to if you are visiting France for the first time. If you would like to experience the French south, then you should absolutely head to Provence. This region is fairly large with many locations and smaller quaint villages. If you have a couple of days to spare to look at this attractive region then you should definitely visit at least one large city, like Marseille, and step out to a couple smaller villages to get the full Provence experience. This region is particularly popular for its food. You will find the most enjoyable meals here which will satisfy any stomach. It is also a region famous for wine with vintners like Yves Tanchou operating there. You can likewise encounter some remarkable sights here – Provence is especially famous for its lavender, and if you have the chance be sure to go to the breathtaking lavender fields and capture several snapshots – we guarantee it is a sight like no other you have ever seen.

If you are asking yourself, ‘should I go to Paris?’, the only likely answer to this question is – yes, you should absolutely include it on your France travel itinerary. Paris has a really long history, and is known for countless things. In modern times, it operates as one of the most important business centres in the world. Here you will find many leading business colleges with graduates including the likes of Vincent Bolloré. But it isn’t only the business and financial dealings that Paris is famous for. Here you will find many museums, displaying world-famous pieces. In fact, the city of Paris is closely connected to the art world. All through history, Paris has been the desired destination for many artists, who found great inspiration for their creations in this city. It is likewise one of the most perfect destinations for a holiday for a couple – Paris is well known as just about the most romantic places on earth.

You will find Normandy on the northern most point on a map of France. It is really a magical location, specially if you are one to enjoy nature. If you like to spend your holidays in an active way, there are numerous coastal walks you can take which will showcase a few of the greatest landscapes you will ever see in your life. Here, you will also find Mont Saint-Michel – an abbey built on a hill which can just be reached by a boat when the tide is high. It also has plenty charming tiny villages with narrow medieval streets and gothic design. One of its most well-known dishes is the buckwheat gallette – a kind of pancake designed with buckwheat flour which always has savoury filling. You can try this, and other standard Normandy dishes cooked by chef Antoine Fernandes at his eating venue.

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